bebo Art

WELCOME and Enjoy


-bebo- Art est. 1999

A work of art is only as important as the light it reflects, that energy is the viewers' emotions and beliefs,  without an audience art is just an open-ended expression.  The effort put forth in creating images on canvas is the Artists power, this is why art shows itself to each individual differently this leaves my profession open for battle,  when a Rembrandt is looked upon the viewer is drawn into his reflection of the soldier's face' how did they feel, were they happy, sad, proud, or just bored,  I think all the commotion (or should I say emotion) about the 'Mona Lisa' is that it's arguably the most beautiful painting ever and she's just satisfied,  likewise in abstract impressions- the movement as a whole is open for discussion, an example is Picasso's 'blue nude,' it's breath taking or Dali's  'Soft Watch at the Moment of First Explosion'(the clock), is it melting or is it just time turning- the final question about a piece of art is,  does the piece understand love the way I do? A biography is a description,  a description of me, your host.  In one sentence I would say I grew up fast and tough.  Including a ritual upbringing most people endure, growing up with a path set for me to follow, a path set by predecessors, by influences,  and by my heretic,  once a person masters this or breaks through it (which I like to call adulthood usually around 32) he or she can move onto Pure-self An expression and an exhaustion of the day's energies, properly.  This is driven by creativity and the motivation to succeed.  Born in Armenia to wonderful parents, my future had many paths,  pulled by the American dream and my parents, I entered the United States of America under the tender age of 6,  not knowing a word of English and less then 50 dollars to our name the Alboyadjian family entered via New York, as most adopted Ameri-cans do,   after a short stay in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. We moved to sunny South FLA. which almost brings us up to speed. After graduating University, IO grew up, before then just going thru the motions, making grades partying but having no clue of the future or even what I was doing.  My Art derived by accident, like most great ideas do (he he),  it was a cold pitcher of water poured over me waking me up from the grave, it gave me chills,  and most of you know when it feels right it just is.  So, the next day I awoke as a painter.  The foundation of my art is credited to (our most wonderful creation, and one of the wonders of the world) music,  which leads to my first endurance of art, the saxophone,  I played Alto-sax throughout my adolescence and having uncles as musicians didn't hurt to get the itch (drums and bass- for those who are counting.)  Another nail in the Art so to say,  is I always loved music but hated to dance,  that ended with college and the introduction of House music in South Beach nightclubs,  where with the help of some lovely friends I broke the mole of "get your back up off the wall, dance, come on" Kool and the Gang (all time favorites.)  DMB the Mozart of our time, I owe a great deal of knowledge too, their music is a complete circle, if they grab you forget aboud it.  I have been painting for eight years now and have developed my own style, feeding off the Masters of the game. I use a cubist approach to my patterns,  showing the whole as well as parts of the whole to equal one impression. To enjoy Art in its many forms, is to understand ones-self and to enjoy one's patients.  Please regard Art as lengthy as a book, not a flash, it's a spectacular moment of emotions and should be studied, it should make you cry and it should make you laugh, but at the end your mind should say Wow that I like.

Thank You and please EnjOy.