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One thing about Art is, everyone see's it differently. THIS one is my production logo called:


Sir Psycho Sexy



I painted this one, on Red Hot Chili Peppers,  Blood Sex sugar Magic....     It has 2 faces, some say jekl & hyde, some say 2 faced, a hidden personality (find it).  One side's facing east the Calm-One, the thinker, the architect.  The west view is the Warrior, an animal, exploding, yelling, letting the beast go.  The Cranium is enlarged to show overbarence of the issue, in this case love for Life.  In this painting it's love for old school, love for why we're here or what lead us here.  What lead our great ancestors to choose this path we're on? For thousands of years many people lost lives, (for no reason,) shit we're still fighting, fighting due to a lack of communication and education.  Protection as a first priority needs to slowly change, change to volleyball, this would lead to solving hunger- this will happen because we are now communicating. Till now the causes of wars have been position at birth, the person is dropped in this position, without request or rhyme, and all the stories he’s heard lead to hate. In this way we will fight for a long time. Today, the End of fighting needs to be visualized, can you imagine taking all the money spent on wars and spending it on aptitude and proper leisure, we’re just starting to earn enough intelligence to comprehend this. It’s only been 500,000 years we might have to consider ourselves grown-up. The Peaceful side shows the effort to understand; I try to show an almost uncomfortable silence.  This neutrality wins and peace prevails. The style of this one is comparable to some of Picasso's pieces. The background should also be carefully looked at,  like most sex is on(in) the mind and knowledge is trying to reach in, find George Washington's face on the right side, and a wolf-man like portrait on the background, showing a realization of the past.  This painting is for anyone faced with an issue above their desire and control. 

What's you interpretation? Again I want to Thank You for looking this far into my work, please remember every Painting is beautiful in its own way, If you've never tried, do so and you'll realize emotions not yet lived 


   PS.  Red Hot Chili Peppers Rule!